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25/06/2018 6:39 am  

Wordpress is fast becoming the blogging solution of choice for real estate sites with many premium theme companies offering attractive themes with basic listings management. 

I have tested a number of these hybrid themes to find how they hold up. They all have a non-blog landing page (home page), a featured section with rotator for listings, and a primitive search and listings functions. While they are attractive, all are overly complicated and bloated. I believe this is the case because the creators have little knowledge of listings management and would not be able to support it.

Here are some of my ideas of what an ultimate realty wordpress theme should have:

Full Featured Listings Management

Flexibility to:

  • change the size of the content and sidebar areas
  • switch the siderbar from left to right
  • change and style header, footer and sidebars


  • sidebar widgets
  • web 2 type footer widget
  • Feature area for listings

I would to hear from other blog users what features you find "as must have" and what features you find lacking.



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