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If you're just looking for a real estate web site, then we are probably not the company to contact. But if you're serious about /" target="_blank" rel="noopener">real estate web marketing then you should take a look at our site or give us a call. Our web site not only contains information about our services, but it also covers key aspects of real estate web marketing.

Not only do we provide original web sites optimized for your market, but we also work with you on developing an online brand image, target specific customer graphics, and develop site content that inspires web visitors to take action. 

From there, we work with you as far as you want to go. We provide instruction on developing drip email marketing campaigns, the proper way to handle web inquiries, understanding the internet consumer, and properly integrating print media and web marketing. We can also help you target PPC keywords that will provide quality traffic - not just the quantity phrases that cost you the most money per click!

Developing a real estate marketing web site is not for the timid. To truly maximize your online real estate sales potential teamwork is important. It is your knowledge of your market that will provide the foundation for your web marketing program. Your participation in developing content is what makes your site unique and establishes yourself as a market leader. You will be providing basic content and information, which will be transformed with our copy writing services into an effective marketing tool.

Once your site is up and running, we can handle all of the routine maintenance including adding and deleting listings, publishing any new content that you would like to add, and formatting and sending your drip email marketing campaigns and newsletters. You get to focus on the prospects and clients - we will handle the routine technical side of the equation.

Three out of every four homebuyers use the internet to find a home. The question is, "Will they find their new home on your web site - or your competitor's web site?"


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