vbSEO? Any good?  


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26/06/2018 3:55 am  

This one is probably more for vegasmack or any other vbulletin forum owners.

I have been looking at vbSEO for my forum, I am dying to get all the threads URL search friendly to maximise the usage for my members - it is a bit of a kick in the head that you have to pay an extra 150 dollars for the script after having purchased the vbulletin licence (would have been nice to have it included).

Firstly, is it worth it?

Secondly, is it easy to install?

Thirdly, is their any downside to it at all?

Last of all - is there anything out there that does the same job?

I have seen a couple of vb hacks out there but they are only up to 1.x - 2.x.

I really want to get it up and running on the forum, but would prefer to hear from people that have had experience of vbSEO or anything similar.


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