The Importance of Your Title --Man have we lo  


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26/06/2018 6:39 am  

About one week ago Yahoo changed the title on our site. For about 1 and 1/2 years Y had incorrectly had our title showing in Serps.

Yahoo had our title as Professional (our service). The full title is Professional (our service) geo region.

Since Yahoo went on their own our site has been ranked #1 for our service (the #1 phrase in the industry). 

The industry is 99% local/regional. Without the location in the title we had significantly more traffic from Y.

Looking at the difference on Yahoo for that phrase...we are currently getting only 25% of the traffic we used to get from Y for that phrase.

Yahoo searches for the industry phrase have been the #1 source for SE traffic on our site: about 11% of search engine traffic. 

I assume we will lose about 8% of SE traffic w/this change.


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