How far to push a buyer/seller?  


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14/06/2018 5:40 am  

Hi all - new here, new to the profession (only done one other deal). f" alt="" border="0" /> 

I have a listing that I'm working now. It's been on the market about 5 weeks with plenty of showings and lots of interest. I'm expecting two offers on the home today and plan to present them to the sellers tonight.

Offer A is pretty bad and will probably be rejected out of hand (30K under list); the other is 5K over list but they want the sellers to cover all closing costs and prepaids (estimated to be $7k) and my sellers are dead set on getting X for their property. 

So, should I ask the agent to bring her client's offer up by $2K, seek a cap on the closing costs sellers will pay, or try to get my sellers to let go of their arbitrary sales price? Here in the Northwest, it's a sellers market so I'm sure there'd be other offers...what to do? f" alt="" border="0" /> Is it even worth it to haggle over a grand or two?


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