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Hello everyone,

I have two very strong sites that I am looking to exchange. One of them is a Google "powerhouse" For example my "links pages", which are not links pages, but setup as content for the site, actually rank on Google and receives a lot of traffic. If you perform a search for SouthEast Realtors in Google we come up top three. Now you may say who searches for that keyword, but you would be surprised to find we receive about 5 visitors a day to that page from that one keyword. We are top 6 for "southwest realtors" you might be noticing a pattern here We take good care of our link partners.

My other site is not quite through the sandbox yet, but I rank very well on Yahoo and MSN, especially after this recent algo change at Yahoo the past few days.

I do not want to post the URL's, just a little to paranoid, but you will be able to see which site from the above searches or just PM me. My pages max out at 40 though only a few have over 20 so I am offering a very strong on topic relevant backlink. I pretty much expect the same. Here is my requirements for exchange.

No Frames, No CGI redirects (in the url or the link), The page MUST be cached in the last 90 days, I prefer a PR2 and above, especially since we just had a PR update, but if it is a nice strong link on content I will consider below that. I also prefer the page not be called "links.html" or "resource.html" that I will be linked on, however if generously placed in the top tier of a "resources" page with PR I am ok with it. I am not ok with resources2.html however. Remember your not getting nameless links from me. The pages on my sites are on topic and deliver REAL traffic not just a backlink. My pages are also spidered and cached daily as soon as I add a link within three days it is a backlink to you in Yahoo. Like I said I take care on these sites

I will take any and all "Real Estate" sites, that meet the above criteria. For Realtors in California, Florida, and Arizona I have something special I can offer you to deliver actual leads to you instead of just a link to your site, but you get a link as well. Please Post here or PM me for the link to my sites.

I am as well currently developing three "new" sites, I say new because they have no links directory yet, however they are already listed in the top twenty for VERY competitive keywords on Yahoo and Google.

I look forward to hearing from you,



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