R.E. Directories that use 302 Redirects  


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22/06/2018 4:25 am  

For anyone interested, here are directories that are using 302 redirects for backlinks:

http:// www .linkre .com/
http:// www .netsavvyagent .com/
http:// www .realestateaward .com/
http:// www .realsaward .com/
http:// www. realestate4 .com/
http:// www. directoryrealestate. com/
http:// www. canadarealestatedirectory. com/
http:// www. businesslinkexchange. com/
http:// www. realestatelinkexchange.com
http:// www. realestatebestdotcom/
To check a URL for a 302 redirect input the URL here: http://www.searchengineworld.com/cg...servercheck.cgi

Feel free to add any others you come across.


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