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22/06/2018 3:59 am  

It would be a privilege to exchange links with other real estate related sites. is a free property posting listing service.

My sites' demographic encompasses buyers and sellers who post and search for properties on the free listing service. It is important to note that Realtors, mortgage brokers, and other trade professionals also bookmark my sites in order to farm from the free list of fsbo prospects that my sites provide.

If you'd like to have 2 Banner Links on my Link Index, then please place my website on your Link Page, and email me once my link is live. If you'd like to have a more expanded relationship of linking, I'd be happy to discuss the opportunity.

My link would read:

" - FREE property posting listing service for owners and agents. On, you can also find foreclosures, search any mls, locate office space, compare agents, get price comps, marketing and traffic tips, and exchange reciprocal links."
linked to

If you'd like to go forward with the exchange,
please input your new Banner Links, by clicking:
Then click "Add a New Site", then input, then submit. I'll upload your Banner Links once my links are on your link page.


Michael Stark


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