Real Estate Bargaining Strategies!  


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13/06/2018 5:13 am  
Ok folks...

Lets hear a few of your Bargaining Strategies!

#1 Start low and move up...Works best for properties that are overpriced in slow markets...Possible outcomes... Seller rejects outright or counters to get you to increase your offer, and you move up and agree on a price that comes close to what you want to pay!

#2 Offer close to asking price... Works best for properties that are priced well in active markets... Possible outcomes...Seller may accept outright or counter to get you to increase offer slightly. 

#3 Offer the top price you can afford...Works best in hot markets...Possible outcomes... Seller may reject and you may have to walk away 

Anyone have any other Real Estate Negotiating Strategies? f" alt="" border="0" />

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