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Angel Lender Loan:

-We will fund any viable project with 20% down.

-If you do not have the 20% down. There is an incentive in the Loan for the Project Owner to get an Angel Lender/Investor. The Angel Lender/Investor can purchase a CD from his bank for the 20%. We will fund 80%. There is no risk for the Angel Lender/Investor. The CD stays in his bank and his control. The Angel Lender will receive a 15% return every 90 days until funding is complete. Funding is complete in 6 months. We can then make arrangements to purchase the CD back from the Angel Lender/Investor.

-No credit check
-No bank red tape
-Rates start at 6%

Serious Inquiries only:

This is for informational purposes only. This not an attempt to solicit nor sell securities.


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