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Hello Everyone,

So everyone is wanting to know this and that about marketing, what is good ways to market their sites, what is good ways to bring traffic to their sites and all that.

Well there are several different options to choose, and one of the most important and best practice is "Article Marketing" it brings both traffic and helps to build backlinks to your site.

Today, I am going to share some information for you that will hopefully help you get started on "Article Marketing" and help you to promote your website today.

Below is a list that will help you when it comes to writing articles:
Research Your Niche (find all the information you can about your niche, so you know what type of competition you have)
Get a nice list of at least 10 article directories that you are going to submit to on a regular basis.
Once you have found your directories, spend some time reviewing your niche in those directories, so you can get a feel for the best topics.
Build your self a blog or place on your site where you will be keeping content.
Start Writing (or hire a writer to write for you, depends on your writing skills)
Post these articles FIRST on your blog, and then submit them to your directories you have listed.


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