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22/06/2018 5:29 am  

OK - for months now I have been speaking of the benefits of mini-article link exchanges and how the next logical step is for search engines to de-value standard link exchanges. Now I have finally done something about it. offers you the chance to submit your mini-article and build content based link exchanges for your web site.

Registration is open to everyone. However, not all sites will be accepted into the program. The goal is to limit membership to high quality, professional appearance, content rich web sites only. Read through the qualification process for more info.

If your site is accepted, you will receive notification and instructions on how to set up the navigation structure of the mini-article pages. We do not supply any code or scripts to set up your pages. There are no sneaky tricks or black hat tactics involved - just solid web structure.

Once you have set up the proper navigation structure you will complete a quick online form to let us know that your site needs to go through final tech inspection. Once you pass inspection you will be given a User ID and Password to access the Member's section of the site. The Member's section contains user profiles, mini articles, and a private forum.

Right now there is no charge for this service. Once we show a track record of results that will probably change. We anticipate becoming an annual fee service (somewhere between $19.95 and $29.95 per year) in 6-12 months.


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