Pamper Yourself In Tampa, In Your Own Home!  


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Tampa is an ideal place for those looking to start a new life. 

The west coast Floridian city is a melting pot of cultures and employment opportunities. New Tampa residents may start a business on or find a job in service, retail, finance, insurance, and real estate – sectors the city is known for.

If you’re a healthcare worker, move to Tampa today. Health plans firm WellCare Health Plans, Inc., a Fortune 1000 company is headquartered in the area. Education is also booming, thanks to the University of South Florida, which is ninth in the whole U.S. in terms of student population. The University of Tampa, Florida Metropolitan University, and Hillsborough Community College are also prominent schools located in the area. 

Do you love beaches and the sun? This part about Tampa – which is located in Florida – doesn’t even need explanation. 

The best thing about Tampa though is that city hosts scores of bank owned homes. Tampa bank owned homes let you own a property today for a bargain price. Some properties are discounted by as much as 60%! Imagine cheap beachfront properties waiting to be snapped up!

Also known as lender owned homes, these properties are repossessed by banks from owners who failed to settle mortgage of other financial obligations. They are out through a short sale and then a foreclosure auction. If unsold in these events, the bank takes ownership of them.

Amid the recession, their number is growing as more and more people are failing to pay their debts. This is bothering lenders. Since banks are by nature not into the real estate business, they do not want these properties to swarm their books. It is also costly to maintain. They could give the impression that a bank is careless in handing out credit. Lastly, bank may face sanctions from regulators if they maintain a huge number of such “non-performing assets.”

Bank Owned Tampa


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