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Will Google Frown Upon this URL format?  


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20/06/2018 6:33 am  

I have a website through my company I have been happy with. Its loaded with tools and back end functionality for the agent. I haven't expected much from search engines because its a template site and due to thoughts on the URL for the site once you start clicking around. However in the backend I have the ability to work a drip campaign, newsletter, manage registered clients, add pages, content, and edit some of the meta tags.

On offline marketing I have myname.com which redirects to my company website, also have my personal custom domains email.

I'm starting to look into ways of developing linking strategies to my website but would like to start now, rather than wait and develop another site that's search engine friendly. I need to budget my time for the RE business working with people and not spend all of my time working on web activities.

My main URL, is "myname.companyname.com" but then changes to something like: "myname.companyname.com/company_GA/index.asp?acc=123456"

DOES GOOGLE FROWN UPON THIS? Or other search engines? I have seen this URL in Google if I search just for the second and third level domain of other agents in my company so I know its atleast IN THERE, but I'm not sure to its degree of success.

Just wondering if I should even bother submitting this site to search engines, with optimized meta tags and content NOW?

Thanks for your thoughts...

PS: If my linking endeavor works, will it only improve relevancy to the url "myname.companyname.com" or other links within my site that have different content the crawling spiders may crawl to. For example I may have an optimized page for "new home owners" but my main page is optimized the "cities and towns" I service. I just am not sure if the link back to my site work for all pages in the "myname.companyname.com" or just the first page it dumps a visitor to.


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