What is Content Conversion Worth?  


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What is a good price to convert static HTML Pages to WordPress?
I wanted to drop in and write this post so others could post a little feedback on your thoughts about the subject above.

A good chunk of what we do (including what we do at UltimateIDX) involves taking tons of static HTML and converting it to a dynamic solution like WordPress or Joomla without losing the URL juice from the links or page rank as most would expect.
This is the first trick.

The next trick is to make sure the content is properly contained in the required HTML tags with the right classes assigned to them where needed in order to work correctly within the project style guidelines.

The third trick is to make sure that the transition between the existing content and the new dynamic content is handled in such a way that it validates, meaning that it is compliant CSS/XHTML and renders well in all modern compliant browsers. It should also render well in at least the latest version of IE 7 or IE 8 even though IE is not a modern browser.

Given the above requirements, or should I say standards what would you expect to pay on a per page basis to have static HTML content converted?

Case Scenario
A month ago, I quoted a pass through job for the conversion of 130 - 150 static pages. The content was pretty poorly created. Lots of inline styles, centered text, animated images, bad table code, you name it, pretty bad. Sort of typical in many instances so nothing to expect in terms of surprises. However, the surprise came with the argument that the price of $420 which had been quoted was far too high. Averaging about 3 pages an hour the person I had to do the job would have made about minimum wage but he fully understood my clean content and clean code requirement. That's a pretty good deal in my opinion.

I learned yesterday that the person we quoted the project too had hired overseas labor and ended up with hijacked code, bad content structure, missing images and worse, broken links, lots and lots of broken links. Preserving links or even editing these as you work is a time consuming task that requires more than cut-n-paste knowledge. $180 savings, will now cost another $300 - $400 to clean it all up.


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