PREN Goals & Objectives  


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In another thread frobn has suggested we need to state the Goals and objectives of PREN. While we did that back in 2005, perhaps it is time to reflect and see if our Goals need revision.

Below are bullet points of the original Goals and Objectives. After you read them we would love to hear your comments on is, how and why they should be revised to assist our Members better.

After receiving your feedback we will post these Goals to a sticky for future Members.


Original PREN Goals & Objectives

Provide a friendly, professional environment for real estate professionals to:

  1. Learn
  2. Exchange Ideas
  3. Sharpen Skills
    • Websites
    • Internet Sales
    • Marketing
    • Office
    • Website Rankings
  4. Network
  5. Locate Competitive Products and Services
  6. Give and receive Referrals
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