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Submit Support Request
Rarely have we encountered the need to setup technical support for a forum but as discussed with moderators and administrators the publishing of occasional code snippets, ever expanding site features and rapid growth could certainly necessitate the need.

support - at - prorealestatenetwork.com

The Pro Real Estate Network Forums values its members and we appreciate all participation from members and visitors alike. Please be familiar with some new forum settings recently added.

Post Links Limit! NEW!
To fight SPAM and other types of abuse we have set a minimum number of posts required before your threads can have links in them. This includes signature links. The number is changed with frequency so SPAM bots will be unlikely to figure out our sequence. The current number of posts required is less than 10 but more than 3.

A new 100 post minimum forum has been created to share some exclusive SEO information. The new forum does require you to have a minimum of 100 posts.

Because of the temptation to spam and post banner, affiliate and other types of advertising in the forums, we ask you to submit a request to an administrator before you proceed in doing so.

Any banners we discover that have affiliate codes or pay per click characteristics will be deleted without notice.

Since the forum layout is a fixed width and the content areas are fixed, banner requirements must be met before any banners IF ACCEPTED can be posted.

Signatures and Signature Links
Signature links at this point are permitted for any registered member who meets the minimum post requirement.

Signatures may include slogans, links to your personal sites and links to sites of appropriate content that is real estate related. All signature links that have affiliate codes or pay per click links will be removed without notice.

Posting Services, Products, Templates et all
Again because of the risk of potential abuse by spammers, posting of services , products and other types of enterprises will be reviewed by moderators and administrators as new policy is applied to such posts.

For now, please note that you are free to post services providing they do not in any way garner affiliate, spam, or pay per click type characteristics. 

The general posting rule
Granted our forum rules address standard posting expectations, but in order to keep a well oiled community forum its important to keep a few things in mind;
1) Post in the appropriate forum when possible, if not sure where to post, we have set up a new General forum for such instances.
2) Do not make multiple posts of the same subject.
3) Do not publish copy written materials that do not belong to you.

Feel free to suggest any feature, forum or characteristic you would like to see in these forums as we continue to build the site.

~ Jared

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