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07/06/2018 6:39 am  
I can't beleive this!

I created a hand drawn mls map for my area. I then spent way longer than neccessary plotting all the little points under the map so I could create links to the MLS area with JavaScript to show the corresponding homes for sale in that area.

Another broker in town stole it! Right off my page. He even had my blue tinted map on his black and gold site!

I notified him. Told him to remove it. He offered to pay. I gave him a price. He never responded, just put a "coming soon" note on that page.

Today, it is back up on his site, in the colors of my new site, but with a very slightly changed map. The JavaScript under the map is still identical. Right down to the code on the alt tags.

This is just unbelievable!

I guess I have no choice but to let my attorney handle this, but gosh, the nerve of some people! 

This is the sad yet funny part. I was told he paid $5K to his web designer and it looks like all he received for his money is stolen content from a National website and my ripped off map. 

The guy even boasts about how great a web builder he is because he finished it in one night. Probably not too hard to do when all you do is rip stuff off.


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